Basically just posting this for Mrs. Frazier


kgfrazier said...

Unbelievable. And fantastic! A home full of love and where countless memories will be made.
Mrs. Frazier :)

ClaireBear said...

Okay, Is Merritt peeing in one of the bathroom shots? Hilarious!

Katie said...

Mrs. Frazier, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I'm glad this blog affords me a place to make special posts just for you!

ClaireBear, you're the only one who has caught that and mentioned it so far, but you are right. Now help clear something up for me, please. Which ClaireBear are you?

clairebear said...

There are multiple Claire Bears? ClaireBear76 here. Not sure if I know either of y'all, but I do know Mrs. Frazier's son, Ross, in real life.

I really enjoy your blog. The house looks fabulous.

the Jennings secede from the South said...

I love your paint color in your living room. What color is this?

Katie said...

Thanks for clearing that up, ClaireBear76 (or "ClaireBearStare" as I'm now referring to you in my head).

Camille, the living room is "Milk Pail" by Martha Stewart and we absolutely LOVE it. We still can't walk in there without mentioning how great that color is.